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Happy Grumps

PC, Mac
(Creator, Design, Code, Music, Art)

Happy Grumps is a rogue-lite puzzle game about spreading happiness to a grumpy world. Each run is a new, randomly generated challenge full of puzzles, bosses, branching paths, and powerful synergies between rule-breaking trinkets.

Coming Soon To Steam

Danger Crew

PC, Mac, Linux
(Game Design, Level Design, QA)

Danger Crew is a single-player, retro-style RPG set in a world where programmers battle using laptops. Fire computer commands in Hack Battles until your enemies' laptops explode in a smoking cloud of defeat. Build your crew to be the most unstoppable programming team the world has ever seen.

Available Now On Steam

Space Parakeets

PC, Mac
(Co-Creator, Game Design, Code)

Space Parakeets is a game I created with my amazing niece Ellie. A normal school day turns into an adventure as you infiltrate secret bases to find your missing friend. Fly, sing, dance, and sneak past space colony defenses while uncovering the mystery of a much larger Parakeet conspiracy.