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Glenn LaBarre immediately regrets this

Written on January 31st, 2018

This website has been mostly blank for six years. Even when I put something here, I immediately regretted it. For a while, it had a single sentence that read "Glenn LaBarre is sorry about this website." Then it took a turn for the worse as it became a full screen loop of Charlton Heston laughing from that scene in the Planet of the Apes for two months.

The title "Glenn LaBarre immediately regrets this" is a friendly jab at myself to help me overcome years of inexplicable fears of writing in public. It is also a respectful tip of the hat to a favorite game designer:

... I was determined to have [a title] even if I immediately regretted it. After trying several I immediately regretted, I gave up and left it as the placeholder: "Tom Francis Regrets This Already". I still regretted it, but neatly, the more I regretted it the more appropriate it became.


Last week, I landed on a title for my current project. I decided to name it Hardcastle. Judging from the title, the game is apparently hard and also takes place in a castle. It is entirely possible that both of those facts will change before I release this game, but it is nice to have a project name instead of continuing to refer to it as "that game project I am working on that should probably have a name".