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My First anti-milestone

Written on February 28th, 2018

Last week, I did not make any commits to the code base for Hardcastle. I would love to write here that I lost momentum because I was spending extra time with family, doing something incredibly noble, or even just having a bit of rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, it was because my normal 40 to 50 hour per week job became more of a 70 to 80 hour per week job for the last several weeks. But I am not writing here to complain about the job. I truly enjoy the people on my team, the work is interesting, and it keeps the roof over our head. That being said, it was a stark reminder that I have a day job, and that day job is not making PC games.

I knew that there would be weeks where my day job would come into conflict with my not day job, but I regret it all the same. Happily, I can state that returning to game design this week after a forced hiatus feels great. Absence has made the heart grow fonder, as they say.


But maybe I needed a break anyways. The week before last was arrow week. During arrow week, seemingly simple challenges were becoming overwhelming as my brain was overloaded between life, work, and game design. But failure and I are becoming good friends. I love capturing moments of bad development like this:

...almost as much as I love capturing good moments:

After reducing the number of arrows per soldier, adding collectible arrows that stick into both movable and unmovable objects, and tweaking arrow velocity, I was able to land on a fairly playable build that felt appropriately tense: