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We knew nothing

April 27th, 2019

We knew nothing about how to launch a video game. But since our first game is about to launch on Steam, here are some things we have been learning:

1. DO send out free copies of your game.

Send your game to awesome game journalists, inspirational game developers, musicians, artists, Twitch & YouTube players, and your family. You can ask for feedback, help, or just send a copy as a way to say thank you.

2. Do NOT expect people to write back immediately or ever.

If they do not reply, it is 100% okay. Everyone is really busy just like you. Especially game journalists, game developers, musicians, artists, Twitch & YouTube players. You can probably expect a reply from your family. Maybe.

3. Do NOT expect people to play your game immediately or ever or instantly provide you with feedback.

There are approximately 44.1 million games released every 3.8 seconds. No one can play all of them instantly or ever.

4. Do NOT expect everyone to like your game.

Not all games or gamers are alike. Everyone has differing tastes in games and that is awesome. People may respect you, your hard work, and your game and still not specifically like your game. That is 100% okay.

5. Do NOT spend your remaining time before you launch refreshing your inbox waiting for replies.


6. DO instead spend your remaining time before you launch working on your game.

Find even more awesome people to play your game, get feedback, polish your game, and fix the last few hundred bugs you will inevitably find before launch.

7. DO continue to say please and thank you when asking people to help you promote your game or give you feedback.

Especially to your family. They put up with three years of you working on nights and weekends to make your first game.

8. DO give yourself an attaboy for being a game designer and launching your first game.

It means you have slogged it out through all of the not fun parts during the first three years of making games and you still had a great time along the way and want to do it again. The end of your first game is the start of your next game.

9. DO get excited about your game launch even if you have no idea how you and your game will be received.

Maybe your game will sell well. Maybe it will NOT sell well. That is 100% okay. Why? Because video games are awesome. They provide entertainment and enrich our lives with the stories they tell and the experiences they generate. And very soon your first game will be a part of the fabric of video game history forever. Always remember that it is an enormous privilege to be able to make games for people.